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Our Hybrid Method Research combines multiple methods of data collection. We believe a hybrid effort yields the most accurate results.



We partner with Wick to utilize cutting edge research tools to better measure and understand your target audience. Spry Strategies utilizes premier partners like I360, L2, and Aristotle for clean, accurate consumer and political data. 



Spry Strategies utilizes premier online technology offered through Google and Survey Monkey. We provide two types - target and panel audience. Online surveys are a great tool to reach millennials and demographics that are typically hard to reach with traditional polling methods. 



Live Phone Surveys are viewed as the gold standard of phone interviews.

Our Live Surveys to landlines, cell phones or a combination are effective ways of reaching even the most stubborn

sample segments.



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Ryan Burrell, Founder of Spry Strategies


Ryan Burrell is founder of Spry Strategies, LLC a Knoxville, TN-based consulting firm specializing in polling, hybrid-method research data, live dialing, cell phone communications data modeling and consulting for business, governments, political campaigns, public affairs firms, lobbyists and trade associations. Ryan is considered the premier pollster for Republicans across the South and especially his beloved Tennessee.


Spry Strategies executed over 300 research projects in 2018, making Spry the premier pollster in the state of Tennessee and throughout the country. Spry’s clients in the political sector were served with pinpoint accurate surveys, in-depth analysis and an astounding rate of 93.7% predicting the outcomes of crucial races of primary and general elections.


Ryan’s diverse client base includes Georgia Chamber of Commerce, American Principles Project, Georgia Transportation Alliance, Republican Party of Florida, North Carolina Republican Party, Business Roundtable, Governor Bill Haslam & Tennessee Republican House Caucus. He is also called on by big businesses for critical research on policy determining the outcome and strategy of funding of multi-million-dollar contracts:


  • Americans for Prosperity considered Ryan’s research and messaging critical for the Tax Reform Bill that launched North Carolina into the upper echelon of tax friendly business climates in the nation

  • Ryan was called on by Speaker of The House Richard Corcoran & Business Roundtable in Florida to research tax increases in southern Florida concerning the construction of the new Florida Marlins Stadium

  • Then-Governor Haslam and the general assembly in Tennessee utilized Ryan’s research for the 2018 $500M Improve Act that was passed and implemented.

  • Medical Cannabis, Solar Energy, Gaming, Educational Issues & Election Security are a few of the research projects commissioned by the business community for major fiscal decisions utilizing Spry’s research technology.


In less than a decade, Ryan has established himself as one of the top consultants in the region with a penchant for turning partnerships into friendships. Distinguished by his bold strategies, Ryan is a gunslinger who knows winning often means being the first to draw.


He serves the Knoxville community through Cokesbury United Methodist Church, Susannah’s House and other charitable organizations to give back for the grace that God has given to him. Ryan is happily married to Jessica Dooley, has a beautiful daughter Mackenzie, a host of amazing friends and a wonderful family!


Ryan is a University of Tennessee graduate and lives in Knoxville, where he will stay until his beloved Volunteers return to the glory days of the 90s and early 2000s!


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 “Spry Strategies offers exceptional services, such as polling, voter identification, policy research, and consulting, that are essential to the strategy of Speaker Sexton and The House Republican Caucus. Ryan Burrell’s professionalism, knowledge, and expertise make him a vital consultant in the creation of state policies and campaign strategies. Most importantly, the friendships established between Ryan and Republican leadership, including myself, are built on trust, honor, and integrity.”

Tennessee Republican House Caucus



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