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We partner with Wick to utilize cutting edge research tools to better measure and understand your target audience. Spry Strategies utilizes premier partners like I360, L2, and Aristotle for clean, accurate consumer and political data. 




Spry Strategies utilizes premier online technology offered through Google and Survey Monkey. We provide two types - target and panel audience. Online surveys are a great tool to reach millennials and demographics that are typically hard to reach with traditional polling methods. 



Our Hybrid Method Research combines multiple methods of data collection. Whether it is landline, mobile, texts, or online surveys, we believe a hybrid effort yields the most accurate results. From market research to high-profile government races, we let our data do the talking.




Live Phone Surveys are viewed as the gold standard of phone interviews.
Our Live Surveys to landlines, cell phones or a combination are effective ways of reaching even the most stubborn
sample segments.


our story

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Spry Strategies President, Ryan Burrell entered the political polling world working alongside his father, Don Burrell, and his Republican consulting firm Washington Political Group.  His career started in 2006 with state senate and congressional races in Louisiana and a Supreme Court race in Kentucky.


Ryan fell in love with the intense strategy and competitiveness of Republican primaries with the ultimate goal of beating Democrats in general elections. As Vice President of Washington Political Group and Burrell and Co., Ryan served as general consultant for House &Senate Caucuses, Congressional elections, Presidential Elections and conservative groups such as Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity. Ryan’s reputation as a strategist and conservative pollster grew along with his hunger for innovative technology and lightning-fast hybrid-method research. This fueled his journey into a partnership building the world’s first multi-mode survey platform, Wick. 


In January of 2018, Ryan sat down at a Panera Bread and googled “the 20 best adjectives never used for business names”. As he scrolled down, each adjective and its definition, the word “spry” stood out from the rest. Spry is defined as nimble, agile, and lightning fast. Spry embodied the precise reason that Ryan’s extensive client base enlisted his services for more than a decade. Spry Strategies was born, branded and live, 72 hours later.


From 2018 to 2022 Spry Strategies executed over 300 political polls, market research projects, online surveys in 32 different states. Spry Strategies’ clients in the political sector were served with pinpoint accurate surveys, in-depth analysis and an astounding rate of 95.7% within the error of margin and 94.5% predicting the outcomes of crucial races of primary and general elections.


Ryan serves the Knoxville community through Cokesbury United Methodist Church, Susannah’s House, and other charitable organizations to give back for the grace that God has given to him. Ryan is happily married to Jessica Dooley, has a beautiful daughter Mackenzie, two grandsons Knox and JJ, a host of amazing friends and a wonderful family!



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 “Spry Strategies offers exceptional services, such as polling, voter identification, policy research, and consulting, that are essential to the strategy of Speaker Sexton and The House Republican Caucus. Ryan Burrell’s professionalism, knowledge, and expertise make him a vital consultant in the creation of state policies and campaign strategies. Most importantly, the friendships established between Ryan and Republican leadership, including myself, are built on trust, honor, and integrity.”

Tennessee Republican House Caucus




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