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Spry Strategies is a Tennessee based polling and consulting firm specializing hybrid-method polling, data modeling, live landline and cellphone advocacy calls, MMS/video messaging and consulting for businesses, governments, political campaigns, political action committees, advocacy groups and nonprofits. We utilize breakthrough research technology with the world's first multi-mode survey platform and have executed our polling and other services in 38 states with a heavy focus in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Texas, and our home state of Tennessee.  Spry Strategies asks the right questions, provides the right survey design and measures public sentiment in real time. Our mission is to equip you with timely analysis, deep-dive insights and strategical consulting for the competitive edge to win.

Spry Strategies


Our multi-mode platform partners with premier research companies to execute online panels, live agent callers, online mobile, landline, and IVR to collect data, turning those interviews into game-changing insights. Our strategy enables us to quickly adapt to the electorates shifting sentiment and use of new technology.


Live Phone Surveys are considered by some to be the gold standard of phone interviews. Spry Strategies offers premier live phone surveys at a competitive rate, with surveys to landlines, mobile phones, or a combination – which is the most effective way to reach the most hard-to-reach sample segments.


Spry Strategies employs the highest quality technology for automated surveys. We are so confident in the accuracy of our surveys using the live feed to track the results in real time.


Spry Strategies' Telephone Town Hall offers public figures and NPOs a forum for discussing and education the public on key issues and current events affecting local communities and our country every day. Our simple interface and scalable pricing model make town halls easy and financially practical.


Spry Strategies eliminates the problem of digital penetration from the BILLIONS of ad buys from the Presidential battles, high profile statewide campaigns, super PACS and big businesses. Spry's MMS P2P platform uses beautiful high-resolution graphics, creative messaging and tracking for  analysis to ensure your organization's ads are cutting through the clutter.

Let's Work Together.

8870 Cedar Springs Ln

Suite 105

Knoxville, TN 37923


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