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The Spry Research National Omnibus Survey was conducted by online panel interviews from June 6-9 among 1250 registered voters, with a likely voter screen on ballot tests. Typically, online panel surveys targeted to registered voters are high on Gen Z & Millennial responses, which is reflected in the weighting of this survey. 

Spry President Ryan Burrell points out that President Trump's lead over Biden in the Presidential ballot test in this survey with heavy Gen Z & Millenial responses has to be concerning for Democrats. Trump is leading the @RealClearPolitics averages over the last week as well. This survey has a deep dive into important issues and looks at Biden family corruption, mass immigration to change the American electorate, and American's mistrust of the American electorate.....




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Spry Strategies’ latest nationwide research survey was conducted by online panel interviews from May 2-4 among a sample of 1250 registered voters. Results are weighted to reflect known demographics.


This survey’s intention was to gauge the general public, not necessarily likely voters’, opinion on key issues and glaring concerns facing our country heading into the 2024 Presidential Election. Typically, online panel interviews to registered voters are high in Gen Z and Millennial responses. This does not bode well for President Biden, as even with a sample very favorable to Democrats, the President is losing to both President Trump and Ron DeSantis in head-to-head ballot tests.


The survey also touched on issues gauging the public’s perception about China’s leverage over the United States vs the United States leverage over China. The percentage of Americans that understand the continued Chinese domination over America under the Biden administration is staggering!


Additionally, we looked at the fentanyl crisis and solutions for the crisis are extremely difficult with an open border and China’s leverage over the US.


The challenge when analyzing a poll over halfway into a Biden presidency - extreme difficulty in targeting one issue of failure because there are massive problems in just about every area of interest to American’s today.


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