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Spry Strategies was honored to track the North Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary for respected conservative think tank Civitas Institute. The accuracy of the results are nothing short of remarkable! Read the press release from Civitas 48 hours prior to the election returns.

John Hood, widely considered North Carolina's brightest political mind offered this assessment this morning on Twitter with a link to the tracking on the Spry Strategies results on Real Clear Politics:

Spry Strategies Founder and CEO Ryan Burrell offered his assessment this morning: "I am thankful to work for Civitas Institute on this project. We did 3 rounds of tracking and the trend after the Bloomberg fiasco at the SC debate coupled with the Democratic machine, led by Obama I am sure, demanded Buttigieg & Klobuchar drop out and support Joe Biden. On day 1 we released a model that was best case scenario for Bernie that had a hefty 18-34 year old turnout, even though I thought turn out would look very similar to the historic white senior turnout we saw in 2016. Best case scenario for Sanders with a strong turnout was still a 4 - 6 point loss to Sleepy Joe. North Carolina is still in the South and the great people of North Carolina are not ready for socialism! I take a tremendous amount of satisfaction that the best Democratic Presidential Primary Tracking was led by Conservatives!"

Civitas Democratic Presidential Tracking Spry Civitas Presidential Ballot Test Round 3 03.01.2020-03.02.2020


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